TH “INKERMAN” has changed its name to “INKERMAN UKRAINE”, LLC
TH "INKERMAN", LLC announces about change in its name.The full name was changed to Limited Liability Company "INKERMAN UKRAINE" and abbreviated to "INKERMAN UKRAINE", LLC.

These changes were registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations.

The decision to rename the company was made by Inkerman International AB holding company.

General Director of INKERMAN UKRAINE, Anna Gorkun, said: "Company renaming is a landmark event for us, which is very symbolic and remarkable. Inkerman is a Ukrainian brand that upheld the honour of Ukrainian winemaking on numerous occasions at the international contests and won numerous awards. We are always among the leaders, and we are not going to slow down. Inkerman will continue making Ukrainians happy with high-quality and natural wines, offering a wide range of products to all those who appreciate this noble drink.”